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Q : How would you describe yourself in one word? 


Q : Do you have a specific reason or reasons for writing  " The Power Vested in Me Book 2 Part 2 The Seekers " ,  Can you please tell us a bit about the book? 

There are lots of stories within the story that I felt compelled to tell. Also I have a fascination with the Zodiac and the individual behaviours of the signs. I wanted to illustrate some of this behaviour in the book –for better or worse. The cold, distant, aloof (tough nut to crack) Virgo lady. The sullen, moody, vindictive, yet kind, generous and passionate Scorpio. The fickle Libran Judge whose views change with the weather. The Sagittarian who is a reluctant a hero, the self serving Capricorn, and the maverick Aquarian.

As the Stardust themselves are all Scorpio’s, so there is a danger of the heart ruling the head, I felt it vital that Virgo logic would provide the advice which indirectly saved the Land of Nod (although you have to have a certain level of intelligence to see how).


Q : Can you please share with us your experience to writing this book? 

With the last book -part 1 - I felt I was being guided through it to a certain extent. And this book even more so, there have been so many moments of synchronicity it has been unbelievable. For example on my first visit to Ilfracombe where some of the story of Aquarius is based, I just knew I would find the boat ‘the kingfisher’ in the harbour and sure enough there it was. On the second visit on the drive there I had the radio on and they played the song ‘Aquarius’, its from the 1960’s so whats the chance of that. There have been numerous moments like this, which I take it as a nudge off the universe that I am on the right track.

Q : Who’s the most important character of this book ? 

To me, and readers may completely disagree, the most important character is the Scorpio man. He has a tremendous influence on all the five teenagers (the Stardust ) and they help him too.  No Scorpio ever immediately opens the door to their life and lets you in, you have to earn the right to enter. In the book this is illustrated through ‘scorpio chess’- they make a move, he makes a move etc and by doing so they learn to understand each other. I became very emotionally attached to this character, to the extent that I kept putting off writing the moment they had to leave him, as I didn’t want to say goodbye to him. In the book he has written a book of poems ‘monochrome fervour’ which I published before this book came out. Some of these poems are quoted in the story, in fact the title of the final chapter ‘The darling end of the rainbow’ is a line from one of the poems entitled ‘Arrival’ .

Q : Is there anything else you would like to tell us about " The Power Vested in Me Book 2 Part 2 The Seekers  "? 

The real life part of the story gets a lot darker in this book, as the Stardust start to learn and understand what their quests have all been about. I’m interested to know what the readers make of this, if it’s what they were expecting or a total surprise.

Q : Any upcoming book? 

Book 2 Part 2 is hot off the press (April 2018). I am planning to release Book 3 in 2020, so plan on spending the next 18 months researching and writing it.

Q : What do you do when not writing? 

When I’m not writing I’m a risk manager (so when Pippa spots risks you know why)

Q : Where do you see yourself in three years from now, or where would you like to be? 

Best case scenario they will be making films of my books and I’ll be walking up the red carpet to their premiers.

Q : What is your favorite quote from the new book? 

It would be one from the Scorpio man, so either ‘you can turn a page, start a new chapter but the important characters will always remain in the book’ or ‘when someone shows you kindness you show them kindness back.’

Q : Finally, if you could pass on a single piece of advice to people who are reading this interview, what would it be?


I would quote the Aquarian man who said “Everyone has a rainbow, never stop looking for what lies at its end as that is your life’s purpose.”

The Power Vested in Me Book Part 2 The Seekers



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